Premier Discount Plans
About Premier Discount Plans

About American Care Premier Discount Plans

The American Care Premier Plans is designed to save you money every time you need health care by providing you access to medical services at a discounted rate.

American Care Premier Plans members may access services for primary care physicians, some specialty physicians, selected pharmacy and some diagnostics through both the American Care Medical Centers and other contracted providers. You may present for services by showing your American Care Premier Plans membership card, and the provider verifies your current eligibility by calling or checking on line at You also can go to this site to see if you are current on your payments.

American Care Premier Plans has a single, one-time non-refundable processing fee of $30. Then you pay a monthly fee to access the discounted services.

The payment per individual is $30 per month.

The annual physical examination is covered with current and active membership. This exam includes the following services at one discounted rate of $75: One electrocardiogram, one complete blood cell count (cbc), one comprehensive chemistry panel (kidney functions, liver functions, glucose (sugar), calcium), one cholesterol level, and one urinalysis.