Laboratory Testing & Blood Work

At American Care Medical Centers, we provide our patients with one convenient center to receive all their medical care, including blood work and laboratory tests. We collect a variety of samples, including sputum samples, urine samples, and stool samples.

What to Expect

For some of us, blood work can be a stressful event. At American Care, we provide highly trained health professionals to complete all of your laboratory tests. Our staff work with you to offer you a safe, comfortable environment to have your lab work complete.

Blood work is usually performed in a laboratory chair with armrests to support the patient’s arm and provide a workspace for our technicians. If you experience lightheadedness or dizziness during your visit, our staff can have you lay down for your blood draw. It is important to tell your lab technician if you experience any adverse symptoms during your lab work.

Blood work is performed using a small needle and various blood tubes to collect samples from your arm or hand. If you cannot have blood drawn from one of your arms, please tell your technician upon arrival.

Your technician will ask to see your arm and will gently feel near the crease of your elbow. They will then apply a tourniquet to your upper arm. Tourniquets are applied tightly and only for a short amount of time. Next, the site will be cleaned thoroughly, typically using an alcohol swab. The site is allowed a moment to dry before inserting the needle.

When the needle is inserted, you will feel a slight pinch, but you should not feel sharp pain. If you experience sharp pain during your blood test, tell your technician.

Once the needle is in position, the technician will release your tourniquet and continue with the blood draw. The tubes that technicians use hold a vacuum seal. As the technician changes tubes, you may feel a slight shift from the vacuum. This is normal.

After the tubes are filled appropriately, the technician will remove the needle and apply a dry, clean cotton ball to the area with pressure. The technician may ask you to hold pressure on the site as well. After a short time, the technician will check the site to ensure there’s no bleeding and apply a tight bandage to the area. The dressing helps to reduce bruising and swelling at the site. The bandage should remain in place for 20 minutes following your blood draw.

Every person’s body reacts differently to blood work. Some bruising or tenderness is normal.

Nurse with purple gloves pressing on a patients arm to find a vein for blood work.

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Collecting Other Laboratory Samples

Some sample collections can be done in our laboratory; other collections may need to be done in the comfort of your own home. Our laboratory can provide you with the supplies you will need and instructions on how to collect your specimens. You can drop off your samples directly to one of our staff members during our regular business hours.

Needle and Lancet Disposal

Our laboratory collects medical use needles and lancets for safe disposal. The sharp objects must be kept in sealed plastic containers, preferably a red biohazard sharps container.

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