Nutritional & Hygiene Support

Delivering Meals to Seniors—and More!

As a member of the American Care community, you’ll enjoy so much more than just convenient medical and dental care. You’ll have access to our nutritional and hygiene support program, giving you more time and energy to focus on the activities you enjoy. We enjoy delivering meals to seniors (through our monthly food bag program) to provide staples like pasta and canned goods.

We want to make sure everyone in our community has regular access to nutritious food that helps improve their overall wellness.

We invite you to come have lunch with us in our centers. You’ll receive a complimentary, healthy meal in a friendly setting, where you can socialize or take some time for yourself. Our staff prepares nutritious, delicious meals for you to enjoy with other community members.

Elderly patient eating a salad in a bowl and salmon and broccoli on a plate.

In addition, we feel privileged to provide monthly food and hygiene bags at no cost to you, to help you keep your shelves stocked with essential items. These bags include basics like pasta and canned goods in easy-to-open packaging. Just stop by American Care to pick up your bag each month. If you prefer, we can deliver them to you for your convenience.

As a part of the Community Network of the ACCESS Florida Program, we’re able to help our members apply for services like food assistance to ensure they can buy the food they need. Our helpful staff goes beyond providing information on the program; they also help community members complete and submit their applications and can check the status of the case.

From delivering meals to seniors (through the monthly food bags) to providing a place to come and enjoy prepared meals to assisting with state programs, American Care is here to ensure your nutritional needs are met each month. This program is part of our mission to help strengthen our communities, and we look forward to serving you!

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