Patient Services

Get the care and support you need in a single location with American Care. Our medical care includes primary, specialty, and urgent care, dental and vision visits, lab work, and even an on-site pharmacy. We combine convenience and the highest quality to ensure you get the exceptional care you deserve.

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Blonde female doctor discussing various patient services provided by American Care to an elderly woman.

Primary Care Physician Services

8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Saturday

Urgent Care Services

8 AM to 7 PM, Monday to
Saturday, Closed on Sundays

Primary Care

See a healthcare provider for routine medical care. Same-day appointments are available.

Urgent Care

Not feeling well? We have extended hours so you can get the care you need quickly.

Specialty Care

From arthritis to diabetes to cardio health and more, find a range of specialty medical care.

Pharmacy Services

Save a second stop with our on-site pharmacy services.

Pain Centers

Get specialized relief from chronic pain and arthritis with our licensed pain centers.

Vision Centers

Take care of your eyesight too. See our optometrist and order glasses right here.

Dental Care

Dental care is essential to overall health. Get the dental care you need at American Care.

Diagnostic Testing

X-rays, EKGs and other imaging services are available on-site to provide an overall picture of your health.

Laboratory Testing

With our in-center laboratories, you can have any necessary blood work done during your office visit.

Nursing Services

Access skilled nursing services for medical care outside of the hospital setting.

Nutritional & Hygiene Support

We want to strengthen our community by helping meet essential needs, like food and hygiene supplies.

Cosmetology Services

We provide cosmetology services to chronically ill patients, providing the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident with their appearance.

Exercise & Social Activities

Our medical care centers provide ways for seniors to stay active and social.

Social Assistance

The unexpected happens, and American Care offers support to community members through a variety of programs.