Pharmacy Services

For Members:

As your primary care provider, it is our goal to help each patient enjoy optimal health and wellness. Providing the best care includes referring patients with chronic conditions to specialty medical providers when necessary.

Part of our role as your primary care provider is ensuring your safety. Our pharmacy service coordinates prescriptions to make sure dosages are safe and effective. Our coordinated care acts as a safety measure. Our dispensing practitioners ensure that patients are not receiving overlapping treatments between physicians.

Medications can be manufactured under various brand and generic names, making it difficult to recall each medication. Patients should keep their list of medications on hand. With our American Care app, our patients have the convenience of always having their prescriptions and upcoming refills with them.

We make filling a prescription simple. Your American Care provider will prescribe your medication, and we will supply the medicine in our medication dispensaries. We provide the convenience of one location for your medical and pharmacy needs. If you need transportation to or from the clinic to pick up your medication, American Care provides your transportation. If you are unable to pick up your prescriptions or medications, we offer a medication delivery service free of charge.

For Providers:

If you are a specialist that we have referred our patient to, please fax the patient’s prescription to 1-888-609-8320

For patients requiring a controlled substance, electronically submit the prescription to the patient’s preferred pharmacy.

Make sure you have verified E-FORCSE and complied with the State of Florida’s controlled substances prescribing requirement when prescribing a controlled substance to our patients. Our goal at American Care is to reduce opiate and other controlled substances abuse.

Female pharmacist in a pharmacy, smiling and writing on a clipboard.

Our Pharmacy Restrictions

American Care Medical Centers cannot fill controlled substance prescriptions. Our goal at American Care is to reduce opiate and other controlled substances abuse. If you are prescribed a controlled substance by another provider, your provider will electronically submit the prescription to the nearest pharmacy. Please have a copy of the prescription faxed to our medical center. Our pharmacy staff will add the medication to your patient record for your primary care provider to see.

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