Senior Events

Many of today’s seniors recognize the importance of staying active. Regular exercise can help overall wellness. Benefits include reducing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, helping prevent injuries, boosting your mood, and helping your brain stay sharp.

Of course, before starting any exercise program, seniors should check with their healthcare provider to determine what kind of elderly exercises are best for them. But even the most sedentary senior can typically benefit from gently stretching their muscles. American Care offers classes to learn and practice some healthy stretching and relaxing exercises. Check with your local center’s Monthly Events calendar to see what activities are planned for the month!

In addition, American Care offers space for elderly exercises, with equipment that can help you stay active. Come try it out when it’s convenient for you!

Elderly man and woman participating in a dance class, with other seniors in the background.
Elderly men and women smiling, playing a game of bingo on a white table.

For seniors looking for a convenient place to socialize, American Care also offers regular activities. Check out your local center’s Monthly Events calendar to see when activities like Bingo, Dominoes, and arts and crafts are scheduled. Or come spend some time doing everyday crafts and socializing with other community members during the week.

Our elderly exercises and activities are easy to enjoy. If you’re an existing patient or member, come join us when you’re available. Seniors who aren’t patients or members can also join us; just call 1-866-500-1555 to connect with one of our outreach associates. Our transportation service is available to both existing and new patients and members; we’ll bring you to and from an American Care center so you can spend time with our community.


We’re happy to give you a ride to or from any of our activities. Just call your closest American Care medical center and we’ll arrange your transportation.

Organized Activities

Call your local center to find out the activities for the month!
Elderly exercises being performed by 4 women sitting in chairs, with resistance bands.