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American Care: Where You Belong

With medical centers throughout Florida, American Care provides the highest quality medical care and services to those in need. To ensure our patients and members receive excellent care, our professionally trained staff is credentialed and trained and undergoes regular quality assurance reviews.

In addition to accepting Medicare and Medicaid, we offer commercial health care plans to community members. Enrolling in one of our health plans enables you and your family members to receive medical services.

NCQA Badge
American Care Medical Centers have been awarded the highest level recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance Patient-Centered Medical Home Program.

About American Care

American Care, Inc. was founded in November of 1996. Today, American Care covers all of Florida’s major metropolitan areas, providing our patients and members with superior healthcare and qualified providers. We deeply care about patient experience and provide flexibility and outstanding customer support. We’re proud to be the State of Florida’s first authorized Health Flex Plan, serving uninsured community members.

We are a physician-led organization, and our management team has over a century of collective experience.

Each of our providers is a highly trained and credentialed healthcare professional. They participate in continuing education, credentialing, and quality assurance reviews to ensure we can provide the highest quality medical services to our communities. Our members are assured access to the highest quality provider network available.

Exterior of the American Care Jacksonville North West Medical Center.

Quick Facts

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American Care believes it can best serve the needs of its members by providing direct access to high-quality providers. We operate our own medical centers and have created a patient-centric network of providers, so under-served communities can access the care they need.

We provide our members and patients with healthcare centers throughout major metropolitan areas in Florida. American Care offers the convenience of most of your medical care needs and support being provided in every medical center.

American Care has developed a state-of-the-art patient care management system called "IPHES" that provides quick, accurate, and total patient care management through:

  • Web-based access by the provider and patients to American Care’s secure patient care systems
  • Clinical decision-making support
  • HIPAA-compliant Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) via secure Internet connectivity
  • Web-based Provider Search and other web-based services for patients
  • Telemedicine services for primary care, after hours, and specialty care
  • Patient mobile phone apps that access the patients’ appointments, diagnoses, medications, and specialists

This technology creates a positive experience for members and patients. Providers and patients can easily access a patient’s medical history, current medications, and recent treatments. Patients don’t have to worry about forgetting important information. Our HIPAA-compliant internet connectivity ensures our patients’ important information remains secure while being accessible to providers and patients.

American Care’s organizational and staff culture is one of constant innovation and process improvement. Healthcare conditions and treatments are constantly evolving and changing, so we can constantly adapt and provide novel ways to deliver exceptional care for our members and patients.

American Care is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care and services for our members and patients through a directly operated American Care Provider Network that serves our nation’s under-served communities. We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining meaningful, successful, and long-term relationships with our members, patients, providers, and the community at large.


American Care upholds the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity. These standards are central to the way that American Care conducts business.

American Care’s aim is not just to comply with applicable laws; we have a commitment to our members, patients, providers, and the community at large to do the right thing. Adhering to these principles has allowed American Care to grow our business in a sustainable manner.