Cosmetology Services

It’s no secret skin, nail, and hair care can help us feel our best. But for the chronically ill, these simple cosmetology services are not always so simple. Scheduling an appointment around healthcare visits can be tough. Stylists may not be trained to handle clients with special healthcare needs. Even getting a ride to and from the salon or barbershop can be a challenge. At American Care, seniors who are chronically ill can take advantage of our on-site barber and cosmetology services.

Our caring professionals provide salon and barber services. Having them at our American Care centers makes it easy for community members to schedule appointments around healthcare visits or even around social activities like bingo. In addition, we can provide transportation so that members don’t need to worry about driving, taking the bus, or requesting a ride from another family member.

To ensure the health, safety, and comfort of our community members, we ensure the stylists and barbers are licensed professionals who are specially trained to care for seniors with chronic illness; they understand how to care for those with conditions like diabetes, weak skin, recurrent infections or slow-healing wounds. They also understand HIPAA regulations, recognize signs of elder abuse and neglect, and ensure the highest level of hygiene.

Hairdresser providing cosmetology services by combing an elderly woman's hair.
Technician giving an elderly patient a pedicure.

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As a physician-led organization, American Care recognizes the importance of helping our members feel their best. This concern goes beyond the high-quality medical care we provide. We have demonstrated that having on-site cosmetology services available to our seniors contributes to their overall wellness. We’re proud to offer these essential services to those who may otherwise have trouble accessing them. If you or a loved one is chronically ill, we encourage you to take a look at the breadth of services we provide and make an appointment at an American Care center near you.